Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Service £80 Inclusive of VAT

If you live in one of the larger new build properties, you’ll have noticed that the heating system differs from the common combination boiler type. In fact, the vast majority of larger newly built houses will have what’s known as an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder System as its source of hot water.

This type of system takes the cold water supply directly from the mains water pipe rather than from a gravity fed tank or by being connected to a pump and is the more efficient option for larger houses with a high demand on hot water. An unvented cylinder service is a different procedure than a standard combination boiler and features, amongst other things, safety valve testing, pressure vessel recharging, pressure reduction valve cleaning and electrical connection checking. And as you are probably assuming, there are qualifications that need to be met for carrying out unvented cylinder servicing. Our engineers are G3 Qualified and will competently, safely and professionally undertake your unvented cylinder system service.

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Our unvented cylinder servicing includes…

  • Expansion relief valve testing
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve testing
  • Storage tank draining as needed
  • Combination valve/pressure reduction valve stripping and line strainer cleaning
  • Pressure expansion vessel check (if so equipped)
  • Expansion vessel pressure top up
  • Leak check
  • Main and boost immersion heater and thermostat function testing
  • Main and boost immersion heater resistance check
  • Electrical ground check
  • Service record completion and signing

We advise that annual servicing is carried out in order to maintain the following three levels of water temperature safety…

  • Thermostats that prevent the water being heated above 60 – 65°
  • Cut-outs that operate when water reaches 80 – 85°
  • Temperature relief valve if the water reaches 90 – 95° (should other safety features fail)

It’s also handy to know that many home insurers insist on an annual service of Unvented Cylinder Systems in order to maintain the integrity of your policy should you require cover for damage caused.

This type of system is relatively unknown to most people and we understand that you may need some advice so call today on 01633 615 800 or 01633 894 113 or email contact@ecowarmth.wales to talk to us about your Unvented Cylinder servicing