Thinking about your Boiler Service? Think AIR!

It’s just a boiler service, right? Well yes, but we think it’s very important you get the most from the service and who you choose to carry it out. We have a neat little approach to boiler servicing, we call it AIR; Keep your home warm by Avoiding, Insuring and Reducing

They used to say the fireplace was the heart of the home, these days it’s your boiler! Keeping your home wonderfully warm is important for both comfort and condition. Obviously being warm in winter is preferable but making sure the house is warm also maintains its structural integrity, pipework and thermal condition. With this in mind, we thought we’d provide you with some insight into boiler servicing and its importance.

Avoiding costly breaks downs…

Finding a competitive price is important but looking longer term is more important and having your boiler serviced correctly in the first instance can help you avoid costly breakdown repairs and health hazards that are, well, avoidable. Whether your boiler is brand new or a trusty old workhorse, identifying faults and inefficiency issues will prevent unnecessary, and possibly serious health risks whilst sound diagnoses will easily identify issues thus mitigating heavy repair costs.

Insurance by maintaining your boiler’s warranty…

Maintaining the integrity of your boilers warranty with annual servicing is a valuable exercise too. Think of it much like car insurance, without a yearly MOT carried out by an authorised garage, the insurance, in the unfortunate event of ever needing to call on it, will be deemed void and pretty much useless. So, remember to arrange your annual service and ensure that it is carried out by a Gas Safe registered company. Just so you know, we are Gas Safe registered and we remind all of our customers when their next service date is approaching by phone and email in a timely manner.

Reducing your household bills…

A clean, efficiently working boiler can save a considerable amount of money each year. Along with other energy saving features such as loft, wall and window insulation, having your boiler running efficiently will reduce your household energy bills significantly

A good boiler service will consider…

  • Correct gas pressure and flow
  • Flue and combustion. A flue gas analyser will be used to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air.
  • Electrical connections are clean and in good condition
  • Fans and other key components are working efficiently
  • Seals are intact
  • Electrodes are in a good condition
  • Safety devices are checked
  • Condensate trap and pipe is not blocked
  • Water and gas pipework

It’s not about cutting costs! It’s about value and making savings in the longer-term and choosing the right company to carry out your annual boiler service, ensuring they have the correct credentials and right approach to the job will help you achieve this.

You can find out more about our Boiler Servicing for £70 inclusive of VAT here or for extra peace of mind, you may like to consider our boiler cover option, EcoPlan

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